Distributive property foldable pdf file

We then went into a foldable that covers what special solutions are and when they. Property distributive the property a characteristic of numbers that allows you to multiply a group of numbers and get the same answer you would get if you multiplied each member of the group and then combined the answers. Hester as practice of combining like terms and the distributive property. Use the distributive property to multiply the 2 is the. All of the foldables on this page require no prep work. I created this foldable pulling ideas from several different places. Using the distributive property date period simplify each expression. Anyway, at the end of the unit, we learned the distributive property.

Free algebra interactive notebooks teachers pay teachers. Apr 23, 2012 my class is really into using foldables in our math notebooks. Here are your free distributive property activities for this lesson. Its very easy to follow and gives students structure to build off. This foldable looks great in interactive notebooks. The foldable provides a definition as well as numerous examples of using the distributive property with numbers. Here you can find and even download our assignments, foldable, and notes. Use this activity to practice the distributive property of multiplication for 3rdgrade math. The lesson introduces equations with the distributive property which is a foundational skill for.

On the next page, i had the kids put this page from mrs. So, i thought it was due time that i posted pictures of our latest inb creations. The students do all the cutting, writing and folding. Microsoft word multistep equations foldable large version. Love this also includes the pdfs and a slope dude video. Algebra 2 inb pages exponential functions, exponent rules, and. Lesson idea and foldable for the distributive property for algebra 1. Interactive notebook pages of late algebra 1 and algebra 2 math. Upon downloading this document you will have a pdf titled read me first that. Algebra 1 unit 1 interactive notebook pages the foundations of algebra. Properties of multiplication foldables freebie math notebooks. Simplify rational exponents foldable free pdf file sharing. Brain breaks are an increasingly important aspect of daily classroom life. Distributive property foldable this great, lowprep foldable is a great addition to any interactive notebook.

This foldable is designed for interactive math notebooks. Drawing the arrows from the number that gets distributed is a nice visual representation, as well as having each column of the table be one step in the simplification process. The distributive property miss holdmans math classes. Combining like terms distributive property foldable outside.

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