Msata to sata raid driver

This is because msata is used as a cache drive to increase system performance. Raid on is the default factory setting when dell sent me the computer. Maybe i did get the wrong sata raid driver let me know what you need to help me. An msata ssd is a solidstate drive ssd that conforms to the msata interface specification developed by the serial ata sata international organization. Dell ships systems that have msata accelerators with the os installed on the main sata drive instead of the msata. Vastly increase system performance by adding a dual msata ssd raid array into any 2. Two or more drives working together to enhance performance. Sata host controllers support native command queuing through ahci and raid as well as legacy ide mode. Pci express sata raid card with hyperduo 3port sata. Dell does not recommend or suggest installing windows on an msata drive. Get access to helpful solutions, howto guides, owners manuals, and product specifications for your 860 evo msata series 250gb 1tb from samsung us support. Intel softpaqs do not extract well so no way to get indiv. The ssd adapter also supports nonraid operation jbod when paired with a portmultiplying sata controller, so both drives can be used independent of one. Use the raid functionality to increase performance and redundancy.

Inline raidcontroller pcie x4 fur 4x sata 6g 2x msata. Utilize the full potential of your sata iii controller, with msata ssds reducing your data transfer bottleneck with file transfer speeds up to 6 gbps. Currently, the bios is set as raid on for sata i tried achi as well. If i connect the ssd through a msata to sata converter and connect through usb, then it is recognized by. Create a new boot drive for your laptop or add in speed for your computer tower. After i changed to achi, the ssd will not show up either and windows 7 will not boot got bsod. What do hard driverelated words like sata, ide, and raid. This enclosure will allow you to connect two of your msata ssd to a sata iii interface to create your own standard 2.

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